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C10-Nano, Heterostructured and Gradient Materials

 征文主题:  纳米、异构和梯度材料一直是结构金属材料领域的研究热点,过去的大量研究表明纳米、异构和梯度材料具有诸多的独特性能,但是仍然有诸多未知有待解决。本分会目的在于提供一个平台,让国内相关研究人员聚集一起相互交流学习。

 Main Topics:   Nano, heterostructured and gradient materials have attracted significant attention over the past years, owing to their novel properties compared to the coarse-grained counterparts. However, there still exists many open questions need to be clarified in the future. This symposium will be serving to provide a unique opportunity to gather people in the community of nano, heterostructured and gradient materials to present and discuss the state-of-the-art development in nano, heterostructured and gradient materials.


            张勇        南京理工大学 

            李秀艳    中国科学院金属研究所

            吴桂林    重庆大学

            黄崇湘    四川大学   

 承办单位: 南京理工大学、中国科学院金属研究所、重庆大学、四川大学 

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