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Symposia and Forums
A01-Energy Conversion and Storage Materials
A02-Thermoelectric Materials and Applications
A03-Nuclear Materials
A04-Solar Energy Materials and Devices
A05-Minerals and Oil and Gas Materials
B01-Photocatalytic Materials
B03-Environmental Engineering Materials
B04-Mineral Materials Recycling and Renewable Resource
C01-Powder Metallurgy
C02-Advanced Aluminum Alloys
C03-Magnesium Alloys
C04-High Temperature Structural Materials and Protective Coatings

C05-High Performance Titanium Alloys
C06-Metal Matrix Composites
C07-Space Materials Science and Technology

C08-Aerospace Materials
C09-Advanced Ceramics Materials

C10-Nano, Heterostructured and Gradient Materials
D01-Metamaterials and Multifunctional Materials
D02-Multiferroic Materials
D03-Amorphous and High-entropy Alloys
D04-Materials and Devices in Extreme Conditions
D05-Electronic Thin Films
D06-Advanced Microelectronic and  Optoelectronic Materials
D08-Nanoporous Metal Materials
D09-Modification and Composite Technology for Fiber Materials
D10-Polymer Materials

D11-Frontier of the Developments in Semiconductor Detector Materials and Devices
E01-Advanced Processing Technology of Materials

E02-TEM Materials Characterization and Evaluation
E03-Phase-separation Metallurgy and Materials
E05-Materials' Performance and Structure Safety
E06-Materials Genomes

E07-Material Characterization by Synchrotron X-rays and Neutron

E08-Phase Diagram, Phase Transition and Alloy Design 

E09-Material Fatigue and Fracture

Z-Materials Simulation, Computation and Design
FA-New Material Trends from Mainland with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao


FC-Materials Education Forum

Key Dates

July 10-14, 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline

May 13, 2019

Online Registration Deadline

July 14, 2019

On-site Registration Dates

July 10, 2019